Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's School Party a Hit!

I'm a homeroom mom so Valentine's party is a BIG DEAL. Thanks to Pinterest it was a lot of fun planning this year... why oh why did I stay away from you so long Pinterest, I love you!
I saw a really great valentine in family fun last year where it looked like a gigantic lollipop and I recreated it. I kept the 6' PVC pipe "just because" and thought lets try it again this year! Now I think it will be fun to make it a tradition and see her "outgrow" the stick over the years!

I found a cute necklace craft on pinterest and did blues/greens for boys and pinks/reds/orange for girls.  
 Pin the lips on Mrs. Valentine was fun but most everyone cheated, ha ha!
Heart-o-stack was a hit and hard!
They had to suck the hearts out of the bowl for 1min.