Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome New Recruits - Nov!

Well, my downline is now up to 88! I only need a dozen virtuous women to reach my goal of 100 by Christmas!!!!!! Not only I will have a special gift for the 100th consultant to join my downline before December 25th. I will also have something special for their sponsor!

If you think Dec. is too late to join you are wrong! Although our new kit will be released Mid-Jan for the Spring Catalog launch on Feb. 1st, now is a GREAT time to buy your kit! Here are 5 reasons...
#1 You can use it for last minute Christmas presents
#2 Show it to friends and family that you will see over the holidays and be both the hostess and consultant of your very first book party... you'll get a large utility tote for only $5 plus your "guests" will get great 50% off deals
#3 Show it to friend and family that you think may want to SELL it and start building your team right away
#4 Take pre-orders over the holidays for the Jan. thermal tote sale for another book party and earn the "after party bucks" as both the hostess AND the consultant (WOW does this add up in lots of FREE Thirty-One stuff)... and btw you have 2 of the first 3 parties you need to meet your first start swell reward
#5 Submit $500 in orders from Jan. 1-15th and you will be automatically shipped a $40 Spring Add On Kit!

My Team Welcomed...
Christina Green (JOPPA, MD) 12.06 sponsor - Lacie Sadera*
Sheri Soens (LAKEVILLE, MN) 11.08 sponsor - Alison Pye*
Brooke Fisher (ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL) 11.08 sponsor - Kim Mangum*
Melissa Mitchell (CINCINNATI, OH) 11.08 sponsor - Julia Slike
 *1st recruit, Congratulations!

Kendra's Team Welcomed...
Megan Blakeslee (SPARTANSBURG, PA) 11.13 sponsor - Lorrie Knickerbocker
Christine Gluvna (CORRY, PA) 11.24 sponsor - Lorrie Knickerbocker
Gretchen Appleby (LITITZ, PA) 11.18 sponsor - Melissa Eby
Lori Lamborn (MILLERSVILLE, PA) 11.05 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Missy Harris (GROVER BEACH, CA) 11.10 sponsor - Julie Stine*
Amy Bomareto (ARVADA, CO) 11.18 sponsor - Melissa Carr
Lela Holder (HEISKELL, TN) 11.04 sponsor - Wendy Disney*
Janita Nolt (BLAIN, PA) 11.04 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
Sandra Stoner (WASHINGTO BORO, PA) 11.14 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
*1st recruit, Congratulations!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Linda Probst's Open House - Dec. 5th!

I just dropped of Linda's hostess packet today and we are both really excited for her party. She is going to have her house all decorated for the holidays. It will be my first "Christmas Party" this year. She said to come hungry b/c she loves to feed her guests and I'm looking forward to her treats and meeting her friends and family!

To shop online from Linda's Party click HERE.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome New Recruits - Oct!

Well, my downline is now up to 82! It is looking like my goal of 100 by Christmas is very possible and I will be so excited to reach or exceed it. I will have a special gift for the 100th consultant to join my downline before December 25th. WILL IT BE YOU?

My Team Welcomed...
Kim Mangum (LONGWOOD, FL) 10.28 sponsor - Sebrina Dwyer*
Leann Hatting (LE MARS, IA) 10.20 sponsor - Sherri Kraus*
Marjorie Hoganson (PARK RAPIDS, MN) 10.18 sponsor -
   Jennifer Blanchette-Hammers*

Sherri Kraus (LE MARS, IA) 10.17 sponsor - Carol Doll*
Krystle Tuma (BROOKLYN PARK, MN) 10.15 sponsor - Julie Henderson  
Jennifer Mignano (FRANKLINVILLE, NJ) 10.15 sponsor - Dotti Dilger
Desiree Le Beau (MECHANICSBURG, PA) 10.02 sponsor - Danielle Lambert
 *1st recruit, Congratulations!

Kendra's Team Welcomed...

Kristin Boudreaux (OPELOUSAS, LA) 10.22 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
Jennifer Wilkinson (ELIZABETHTOWN, PA) 10.11 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Janice Justice (CEDAR BLUFF, VA) 10.05 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
Irina Wilkinson (ELIZABETHTOWN, PA) 10.16sponsor - Jennifer Wilkinson*
*1st recruit, Congratulations!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Consultant Freebie! Nov, Dec & Jan

I know my Nov & Dec are full and I am booking for Jan! I hope you can fill up your 31 calendars too! Enjoy! You can download them from the buttons on the right...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today it all started in 2003!

I saw this on Jenny Hillenburg's facebook page today. Jenny is the very first Thirty-One consultant and I am in her downline and so happy Cindy met her so I could find Thirty-One!

Jenny Ward Hillenburg Funny Thirty-One story....for some reason I keep old calendars. I have no idea why. I knew that I had my first Thirty-One party in October so I thought I would see if I could find it on my 2003 calendar. I found it! It was 7 years ago today that Cindy Monroe came to my house to do a Thirty-One party. The night that changed my life forever!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Consultant Freebie! Business Card Template

It's finally here! My fall business card design!!!! You can now download the files to upload to Vista Prints from the buttons on the right. I put my team logo on the back of my cards but the "freebie" file has the "join my team" artwork and you just need to add your website ID #.

If you would like your file personalized with your own contact info I can send you a complete file ready to upload for $15 a fee; with your photo included it is $20. If you are interested just shoot me an email with all your contact info and photo and I will get back to you ASAP!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Consultant Freebie! Oct. Calendar Template

Happy October Everyone! To kick of this great month I'm passing along my consultant freebie template. You can click on the button on the right to download it and fill up!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome September New Recruits!!!

My Team Welcomed...
Stephanie Seachrist (LEWISBERRY, PA) 09.30 sponsor - Julia Slike
Carin Carl (ENOLA, PA) 09.30 sponsor - Valarie Halloway* 
Georganne Henrich (INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN) 09.30 spsr - Julie H. 
Jennifer Blanchette-Hammers (MANKATO, MN) 09.29 sponsor - Julie H. 
Heather Belanger (BRUCETON MILLS, WV) 09.27 sponsor - J. Vokoun** 
Christie Duerr (WOODBRIDGE, VA) 09.26 sponsor - Dotti Dilger 
Ann Johnson (CEDAR FALLS, IA) 09.16 sponsor - Julia Slike 
Luciana Lowe (ALBRGHT, WV) 09.13 sponsor - Jennifer Vokoun* 
Carol Doll (LAKEVILLE, MN) 09.10 sponsor - Alia Pranke 
Amy Packer (BROOKLAWN, NJ) 09.10 sponsor - Dotti Dilger 
Jennifer Jones (GREENVILLE, KY) 09.02 sponsor - Christina Embry*
  *1st recruit yeah Christina, Jennifer and Valarie, Congratulations!
**2 recruit during start swell, Congratulations Jen!
Way to go Julie, 2 in 2 days!!!!!
Kendra's Team Welcomed...
Jo-Ann Strong (SACRAMENTO, CA) 09.27 sponsor - Alyssa Norris**
Julie Stine (ORANGEVALE, CA) 09.19 sponsor - Alyssa Norris*
Ashley Johnson (ANNVILLE, PA) 09.19 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
  *1st recruit yeah Alyssa, Congratulations!
**2 recruit during start swell, Congratulations!

Saturday Deliveries!

We're happy to announce that in addition to UPS, we will be shipping via Fed Ex Ground Residential Delivery.  We are pleased to offer 2 reliable methods for shipping your orders to you, and to have additional partners to work with as we continue to grow.  FedEx delivers Tuesday thru Saturday, so be on the lookout!

Who's winning a 42" TV??????

Each week in October, Consultants who submit a $450.00 or higher party will be entered into that week's drawing.  There will be 300 WINNERS per week, and Consultants can be entered more than once per week!  Check it out:

Oct. 1-8 Kodak Digital Camera w/4GM Memory Card
Oct. 9-15  Bose Sound Dock Series II Digital Music System
Oct. 16-22 Kodak Playsport Pocket Digital Camcorder
Oct. 23-31 LG Digital Blu-Ray Disc Player                                  

Plus -- EVERYONE who submits a $450 party in all 4 weeks of October will be entered in our GRAND PRIZE DRAWING of a 42" Plasma TV!  AND, if you hold 10 or more $750 parties in October, you'll automatically win a 42" Plasma TV!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Just a reminder that today is the last day to order your starter kit and be eligible for the $50 bonus! This offer is good for both the sponsor and new consultant you will EACH get $50 added to your paycheck when the new consultant qualifies in her first 30 days! If you know someone considering joining don't forget to let them know!

Congratulations to these ladies who earned their $50 bonuses:
My Team
Jennifer Vokoun & her sponsor, Danielle Lambert
Kathryn Udit & her sponsor, Danielle Lambert
Christina Embry & her sponsor, Julia Slike
Jennifer Jones & her sponsor, Julia Slike

Kendra's Team
Missy Ross & her sponsor, Meghan Furnia
Melissa Eby & her sponsor, Meghan Furnia
Wendy Disney & her sponsor, Kendra Nagle

Monday, September 20, 2010

My 1-Day Sale: 20% off on the 20th!

To kick off the fall selling season I'm offering anyone who places an order with me by 12 am EST via email, FB or phone 20% off your entire order!!!!! This offer is good for today only and sponsored by me not Thirty-One.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Go with an Open Heart!

First, let me start this story by saying HOW MUCH I LOVE MY JOB and now I'll tell you why!!!! See, I have this awesome job where I set my own hours and find and do business everywhere I go and inspire others to do the same! Here is what happened on friday that gets me all giddy with excitement....

On friday, a friend was in town from NC that I didn't know about. I had some stuff I should do in the office but there was always monday. So I got to spend the afternoon with a good friend instead of my computer! I took her for a late lunch at Issac's in Hershey. Some how (like I do in most conversations) I mentioned to the waitress "You should become a 31 consultant!" and she said "What's 31? I want to have a party!" She wasn't even supposed to be working but they asked her to stay late. I just talked to her today and she did book her party and has already begun her wish list!

So after lunch we go over to the outlets for some shopping and my phone rings.... It's Jennifer Vokoun, one of my newest team mates. She tells me "Julia, I'm driving 4 hours to WV to do a show and only 4 people are coming!" I knew she was skeptical, but I've know from my experience that bigger isn't always better. After all, one of my best parties only had 4 guests who spent about $750! I told her "I want you to go with an open heart and see where the evening leads you. I promise you it won't be a waste of your time!" I told her you never know who your next "super star" is going to be and she could be at that party!!! So today Jennifer calls me super excited and tells me that the party was a huge success! Not only were her sales well above the company party average but she got 3 bookings and 2 who might want to sign up! She's going back for a 31 Party Weekend in November!

I always say "You Just Never Know" where your next booking, hostess or recruit will be and where that will lead you and your team! Everyday is an opportunity to share the blessing Thirty-One has brought to your life so you can bless someone else's life!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Coming Soon!

How cool is this..... a teddy bear with a blanket inside!

How cool is this..... a teddy bear with a blanket inside!

The scarf has a pocket behind the monogram. This is a BRAND NEW PATTERN with lunch tote and hat to match!
If you already have a card caddy this one has ALL NEW CARDS! Love the new prints. I'm soo getting one of these!

I love our plush blankets! Look how THICK they are! And now you can buy a blanket band for $2.50 perfect to give as a gift!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Consultant Freebie! Sept. Calendar Template

Fall is our busy season so time to fill up those calendars! Don't forget scheduling time with your family is JUST as important as putting your party dates down. Don't give up your personal time for a party let your hostess arrange her schedule to fit yours not the other way around. Take charge and run YOUR business the way YOU want don't let your business run you!
CLICK HERE to download.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have the following dates available:
FRIDAYS - SEPT 10th & Oct 22nd
SEPT 13th & 20th, OCT 4th, 18th & 25th
SEPT 15th & 22nd, OCT 6th, 20th & 27th
If you would like to book a party on a date not listed please let me know and I will have a team member hold your party for you!

Thirty-One Article on

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

Welcome New Recruits!!!

Wow! The numbers keep rising. My team goal is to reach 100 in my downline before Christmas! I think it's modest but at the same time will nearly double the size of my current team. That's .19 recruits per month per person. If EVERYONE has just 1 recruit per month for the next 4 months that would be 228 new recruits! I think this will prompt my own personal team recruiting challenge.... stay tuned!

My Team Welcomed...
Heather Ludwig (APPLETON, WI) 08.26 sponsor - Julie Henderson*
Jacqueline D'Angelis (MOUNT ROYAL, NJ) 08.31 sponsor - Mary Costa*
Kathryn Udit (HARRISBURG, PA) 08.27 sponsor - Danielle Lambert**
Sebrina Dwyer (MERRITT ISLAND, FL) 08.25 sponsor - Julia Slike
*1st recruit yeah Julie and Mary, Congratulations!
**Way to go Danielle you are on your way to Sr. Consultant!

Kendra's Team Welcomed...
Julianna Ryan (APPLETON, WI) 09.01 sponsor - Lorrie Knickerbocker
Brittney Ah-Yun (SACRAMENTO, CA) 08.31 sponsor - Melissa Carr
Amanda Smith (MYERSTOWN, PA) 09.01 sponsor - Kendra Nagle

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Downline hits the BIG 5-0!

I love checking my downline and seeing who's new! And today was exciting because "I just turned 50!" I'm also super excited Danielle just got her FIRST recruit and Dotti got 2 more and is quickly on her way to leadership!
Jennifer Vokoun (HAMPDEN TWP, PA) 08.16 sponsor - Danielle Lambert
Deborah Moore (BOYERTOWN, PA) 08.15 sponsor - Dotti Dilger
Connie Hobbs (HARRISBURG, PA) 08.03 sponsor - Julia Slike
Alison Pye (FARMINGTON, MN) 08.03 sponsor - Alia Pranke
Lacie Sadera (JOPPA, MD) 08.01 sponsor - Julia Slike
Donna O'Shea (BOYERTOWN, PA) 07.13 sponsor - Dotti Dilger

Kendra's Team is quickly growing, she welcomed....
Alyssa Norris (ORANGEVALE, CA) 08.12 sponsor - Melissa Carr
Brenda Plath (LODI, CA) 08.07 sponsor - Melissa Carr
Missy Ross (COLUMBIA, PA) 07.31 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Melissa Eby (MOUNTVILLE, PA) 07.31 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Cecilya Glover (MOUNTVILLE, PA) 07.31 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Lorrie Knickerbocker (MECH., PA) 07.31 sponsor - Lauren Pierce
Jamee Davis (ANDERSONVILLE, TN) 07.31 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
Wendy Cline (REEDSVILLE, PA) 06.18 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
P.S. way to go Meghan....3 in one day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Consultant Hostess Exclusive SOLD OUT!

I must apologize to my team b/c yesterday I sent a reminder email about the Consultant Hostess Exclusive Product Sale that ends today before I checked TOT to see that it was SOLD OUT WEDNESDAY! Another case of "you snooze you loose" :( I'm trying to figure out how I can promote "Hostess Exclusive" items when I don't even have one myself to entice potential hostesses? I guess I can tell them even I can't get one! They'd be among the elite to own a 31 travel bag!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Skirt Purses... What's the Difference?

A lot! I personally just couldn't fit what I need to in the "old" skirt purse so I was elated to see the City Skirt Purse launched! They both have interchanging "skirts" which means you purchase the "base" in brown or black along with your choice of 1 skirt. Additional skirts can be purchased to change the look of your purse w/o having to actually switch the contents inside! Our catalogs come out every 6 months with new skirt patterns so you can always update your look for the season.
The City Skirt Purse is much larger as you can see in the photos I took. It also has a FLAT bottom that measures 5"x13". The Skirt Purse is about 3.5"x14" across the bottom but is soft and does not have a plastic insert that defines the bottom. They both have a zippered interior pocket and cell phone pocket (no zipper), both have a magnetic enclosure. The Skirt Purse closes against itself at the top like a book, the City Skirt Purse has a 3" extender so the top of the purse is slightly open when "closed".

Both purses have 4 hooks on each side that the skirts slip onto. The Skirt Purse has snaps that open so you can easily get to the hooks. The snaps on the City Skirt Purse don't open but you can roll the top up to get underneath to the hooks.
Skirt Purse $42; Skirts $15 Shown in Brown with Pixie Pink Medallion
City Skirt Purse $59; Skirts $20 Shown in Black with Onyx Blossom
To Purchase either purse CLICK HERE.
To see more product details see the shopping guide on page 39.


Take advantage of these great specials and book your open house today! I have the above Tuesdays & Thursdays (highlighted in blue) available.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tomorrow is Last Day to Order Fall Add-On Kits!

I love my add-on kits! I have both kits what a GREAT deal! If you haven't ordered yours or are a brand new consultant make sure you add this to your kit! The City Weekender Tote alone is $89 so $80 for the kit is a great bargain! To order enter FAO10-80 on a Business Supply Order.
P.S. Thank you to Julie Biggs who took a picture of her kit shown here that I found on her FB fan page!

To order enter FAO10-40 on a Business Supply Order.

Brand New - Hostess Exclusive Items

Wow, our catalogs just keep getting better and better and Fall 2010 is no exception! Thirty-One is now offering HOSTESS EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS! You must be a hostess to earn these. Consultants can ONLY order them on August 12, 13 &14th and can order 1 of each print for a total of 4 items at the hostess price of $45 and $65. I have seen these bags at conference and they are NICE, I can't wait to get my own and pack everything in style from now on!

Host a $500-$999 party you can buy 1 exclusive item!
Host a $1,000+ party you can buy 2 exclusive items!!

This is in addition to our already great hostess reward plan:


Consultants: When your "hostess plan base amt" reaches $250 or more you can select "hostess incentive" from the drop down menu and type in the word "wallet" and select the one you want from the pictures or enter the item # 3156. When it reaches $750 or more you can select "hostess incentive 2" and type in the word "purse" or item #3342 and then choose the color purse and skirt. There is no hostess incentive 3.
When you place a retail or party order with embroidery it will automatically only charge $1 (instead of $6) for the month of August.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$50 Bucks for YOU and your recruiter!

Cute Diaper Bags!

Now you can own a diaper bag that doesn't look like one and will be useful long after your baby is a baby! Get it embroidered with your name or your baby's to make it truly unique!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Congratulations Kendra, My first Director!

I'm so excited to announce that Kendra Nagle met all her director qualifications for the month of July and had DIQ'd! That means August is her "first month as a director"! She will receive management overrides during this month and upon completion of the month she will receive her title as Thirty-One Director!

Congratulations Kendra! I look forward to watching YOUR TEAM grow!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Laptop case now with handles & Messenger Bag is 1" bigger!

Our popular lap top case now comes with handles! Available in the lush "Hampton in Black" fabric your computer can travel in style. Perfect to pair with a Cindy Tote or Messenger Bag to take your lap top wherever you go! This item can be embroidered too!

I'm so excited the messenger bag is now 1" wider so it is 3" deep instead of 2". All flaps will fit on both versions. We have 5 new flaps for the fall! The side pictured is the side you can get embroidered and the flaps are all reversible with a 2nd print on the other side.

Monday, July 26, 2010


If you want to order anything let me know, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on any order in July!

A super big THANK YOU to Melissa Mayo who put together these wonderful fliers I found on FB!