Monday, September 13, 2010

Go with an Open Heart!

First, let me start this story by saying HOW MUCH I LOVE MY JOB and now I'll tell you why!!!! See, I have this awesome job where I set my own hours and find and do business everywhere I go and inspire others to do the same! Here is what happened on friday that gets me all giddy with excitement....

On friday, a friend was in town from NC that I didn't know about. I had some stuff I should do in the office but there was always monday. So I got to spend the afternoon with a good friend instead of my computer! I took her for a late lunch at Issac's in Hershey. Some how (like I do in most conversations) I mentioned to the waitress "You should become a 31 consultant!" and she said "What's 31? I want to have a party!" She wasn't even supposed to be working but they asked her to stay late. I just talked to her today and she did book her party and has already begun her wish list!

So after lunch we go over to the outlets for some shopping and my phone rings.... It's Jennifer Vokoun, one of my newest team mates. She tells me "Julia, I'm driving 4 hours to WV to do a show and only 4 people are coming!" I knew she was skeptical, but I've know from my experience that bigger isn't always better. After all, one of my best parties only had 4 guests who spent about $750! I told her "I want you to go with an open heart and see where the evening leads you. I promise you it won't be a waste of your time!" I told her you never know who your next "super star" is going to be and she could be at that party!!! So today Jennifer calls me super excited and tells me that the party was a huge success! Not only were her sales well above the company party average but she got 3 bookings and 2 who might want to sign up! She's going back for a 31 Party Weekend in November!

I always say "You Just Never Know" where your next booking, hostess or recruit will be and where that will lead you and your team! Everyday is an opportunity to share the blessing Thirty-One has brought to your life so you can bless someone else's life!


  1. Thanks! And one of Jennifers leads DID sign up, well worth the trip!