Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a Box makes my day!!!

So I pick up my mail today and what catches my eye at the post office –– could it BE??????? a long, flat rate priority mail box that looks as if Cindy Monroe designed it herself. You see I can stuff a LOT of thirty-one samples in a flat rate box but NEVER can I easily ship a Large Utility Tote... and this box is looking like the perfect size –– yup it is!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Post office, you may have slightly redeemed yourself for not getting Kendra Nagle's SD Promotion gift to her on time, I was pretty mad at you until today!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Times have changed!

Oh my.... I stumbled upon this photo in my "old" love2bcreative blog and found it very amusing. My thirty-one business was a true "baby" at 6 mo. old. At the time that was ALL the thirty-one I owned.....
October 25, 2009
November 12, 2011
And now I am starting a thirty-one christmas tree collection!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Cute Camera Strap!

When I got my beloved Nikon D5100 I seached all over for the perfect camera strap. There are a LOT of people who make them and well worth the $25 if you ask me! I am a firm believer in supporting other business women and their talents. I only found 2 sellers that had lens cap pockets on their straps and I liked the simplicity of this black & white fabric. The sample showed red with black stitching and I asked the seller if she could do hot pink "soft" side with hot pink stitching... ya know cause I'm addicted to 31 (colors)! Plus I needed it fast, in time for my National Conf. and guess what it came super fast just the way I asked! Check out Misty Days Boutique her stuff is REALLY cute!!! One thing to note. The lens cap falls out of the strap when you lift it to shoot, so I need to put some velco on it a much easier fix than my friend Stephanie Joseph who's cute "Sassy Sista" strap pocket is too small for her cap and it doesn't even fit in.