Monday, May 21, 2012

Just ordered my Nick's Stcks!

I just placed my order for 50 turkey & 50 beef sticks and I can't wait til they get here!!! Perfect for grab-n-go snacks this summer at the pool and HersheyPark! I had gotten a FREE SAMPLE of each and barely got a taste before my daughter scarfed them down!!! So here is a new reason I sell thirty-one to pay for my organic meat sticks!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow I'm a Thirty-One National Conference Facilitator!!!

Super excited to see this email in my inbox today from the Thirty-one home office. I am honored and excited for this opportunity! And I guess I didn't make too much of a fool of myself in the video I submitted when I applied for this!

I look forward all year to our Convention it is like Christmas x10 ~ the anticipation, the swag, the training, the inspiration, the connecting with my " 31 family". It is just the most amazing experience EVER. I always pick up some "nuggets" that change my business that I can use and teach to my team so I am honored to be one of the women this year who can inspire leaders in our company. And I am to expect a crowd of 100 -1,000 depending on registration.... yikes!!!!! 

My FREE Thirty-One Goodies!

I can't say how AWESOME our company is at Celebrating, Encouraging and Rewarding us ~ I just earned these 4 products all for FREE and I get to pick out my own colors.... I'm going to go with an Orange collection with hot pink embroidery!!!

My Thirty-One Team keeps growing as they SHARE the DREAM!

I love watching my business grow and working for a company that makes it SO EASY to share the Dream of owning your own business ~ a business that puts out what you put in! I'm super excited about the $99 kit rebate offer that is going on now and how it will affect the growth of my team this spring!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My first Leather Purse EVER!!!!!

It's here and it smells soooooooooo good! 
I can't wait to get my hands on Thirty-one gifts first ever ALL-LEATHER purse, this is exciting!
Pop! Oh, I wasn't expecting the inside to be so fun ~ me likey!
Tada! Ya know I just realized it's also the first time I've ever bought a real leather purse!

You can earn this purse for FREE like I did (along with 2 other exclusive items) when you are a Thirty-one Gifts hostess with a $1200 party or purchase for only $85 when you place a party order of $200 or more! It is also available in black.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thirty-One Spring Catalog - Sneak Peek!!!

It feels like National Conference coming to the 'burg!!! We get to go to a MOVIE THEATER to see the Thirty-One Spring (Notice it doesn't say "Spring/Summer") Product Premier -- how cool is that!? I know we get to come home with ONE new catalog.... so if ya want to look at it expect to see my drool marks on it! I can't wait to see what surprise Home Office as for it's customers and consultants b/c every time I get a new catalog I think "Wow, this is the best catalog ever!"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vault Denim in the house!!!

So I'm hosting a Vault Denim Party tomorrow eve 6-8 at my studio -- and in true Julia Fashion (no pun intended) I decided why not also be the consultant and make some extra cash while I'm at it.... hmmmm, this is sounding familiar. Anyway, I got to meet my SUPER NICE and super helpful sponsor & RC Stacy Clancy today as she loaned me the inventory. I had 5 tubs of jeans to unload and dive into. I was SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!
{These are my 3 favorites.... the one's I'm hoping to get FREE at my party!!!}

{So here is my attempt at trying to take self portraits in my mirror to show you some of the jeans.}

{nice but shot, huh!}

{These are too long but when I roll them up I think they look super-cute! Cindy had a pair of Capris on at National Conference rolled up like this -- Please excuse my "pooch" b/c I am working on getting rid of it.}

{See they aren't all "blingy"}

{To Bling or Not to Bling!? }

For more info please visit Vault Denim