Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Laptop case now with handles & Messenger Bag is 1" bigger!

Our popular lap top case now comes with handles! Available in the lush "Hampton in Black" fabric your computer can travel in style. Perfect to pair with a Cindy Tote or Messenger Bag to take your lap top wherever you go! This item can be embroidered too!

I'm so excited the messenger bag is now 1" wider so it is 3" deep instead of 2". All flaps will fit on both versions. We have 5 new flaps for the fall! The side pictured is the side you can get embroidered and the flaps are all reversible with a 2nd print on the other side.

Monday, July 26, 2010


If you want to order anything let me know, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on any order in July!

A super big THANK YOU to Melissa Mayo who put together these wonderful fliers I found on FB!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

$5 Tote Sale

Click HERE to see You Tube video!

Don't miss the opportunity to snag up your favorite spring/summer pattern before it is discontinued on July 31 and get a "carry all caddy's" featured in the fall catalog (which starts Aug. 1st) for only $5 plus free embroidery when you spend $31 or more!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

And the Winner is.........

I need to get my munchkin home and get some dinner so I'll post more tomorrow with photos but I wanted to let you lucky winners know who you are! I will be in my studio 12-5 tomorrow, 9:30-5:30 on Monday & Wednesday. Please stop by then to pick up your prize or make arrangements with me!


Pampered Chef

Your Event Specialist

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last Chance First Glance! Please stop by the love2bcreative studio at 3619 Simpson Ferry Rd in Camp Hill on Sat. July 24 from 11am - 7pm and purchase from our Spring/Summer catalog before most of these patterns retire at the end of the month. Take a Sneak Peak at some of the Fall products I will have on display that are not yet available!

I will be offering FREE shipping on ALL orders placed in the old and new catalog as well as FREE embroidery on any order over $50. Plus, I will have ALL my samples on SALE $25-50% OFF!!! Win a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE with the FREE raffle tickets!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Christina!

Christina Embry (BELTON, KY) sponsored by Julia Slike
I am so excited to welcome my newest recruit, Christina, to my team. She will be the first one our our team to get the BRAND-NEW pink box kit with all the awesome fall products inside... did I mention I WANT ONE!?
She will also be able to earn $50 back on the cost of her kit, the qualification kit, AND anyone who joins HER team could get her another $50 per person! WOW!!! Is now a great time to join this ever growing company or what!? Be part of something BIG and get your pink box too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

31 Team Meeting - Sat. 7/25!

Please join me for our first team meeting! See your e-Vite for details and contact me with any questions, thanks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get your PINK box!

It's now even MORE exciting to become a 31 Consultant because you will be greeted with this pink box and a welcome DVD from Cindy! It even comes with another pink filing box for paperwork to take to your parties and organize your home office! And now when you order your "pink box" (aka starter kit) you get $50 in your commission check when you qualify in 30 days! Seize the moment it's your turn to take financial control of your future!
Inside the box.... Our best kit yet!!!!

$80 Add-On Kit & PTG Now Available!

I just ordered mine. Can not WAIT to get my hands on the CITY SKIRT PURSE!!!
To order enter FAO10-80 on a Business Supply Order.

PTG (Party to Go) is perfect for friends to take to work and leave in the lunch room that can't "host" an actual party. To order enter FAOPTG on a Business Supply Order.

Fall Catalogs Available!

Today is the first day you can order your Fall Catalogs! I just ordered 200, I am anticipating a BUSY FALL SELLING SEASON because THIS CATALOG ROCKS!!!!!!!! I will be passing them out at my Christmas in July open house next Sat. the 24th from 11-7, come and get one!Per Home Office: Our new catalog is out and better than ever -- and we hope you have months of great selling ahead of you. You may have noticed on the back of the catalog, the date says "Valid 8/1/2010 --1/9/2011." This is a misprint. Please know our new Fall/Winter catalog is valid from 8/1/ 2010 all the way until the end of January (1/31/2011). We just wanted to clarify that for you as you prepare to sell from our exciting new catalog!


If you submit $500 in PV (personal volume) by midnight (EST) tonite for the month of July you will get the $40 Add-On kit for FREE!
It will automatically ship to you next week. If you need to order it you can starting TODAY on a Business Supply order (#FA10-40). Kit includes
1. Picnic Thermal Tote*
2. Small Lunch Tote*
3. Large Utility Tote
4. All-in-One Organizer
5. Icon Coin Purse
*Pre-selected embroidery

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome Kattie & Jana!

Kattie Lopez (VOORHEES, NJ) sponsored by Dotti Dilger
Jana Kreger (LAKEVILLE, MN) sponsored by Alia Pranke

Way to go Dotti & Alia on growing your team so quickly! Alia has qualified this month to promote to Sr. Consultant in August and will earn her $200 bonus for promoting in her Start Swell period! Way to go Alia!

Sneak Peak - Fall Products

I am blown away by the new fall line. There are a bunch of new prints and products that I can't wait to get my hands on. I am SO glad I sell this stuff b/c I would go broke buying it if I did not! Thank God for "After Party Bucks" in July!

Note: Both totes are included in the Fall $99 Starter Kit which is available starting July 15th!
How adorable are these aprons!??? What great gifts for housewarming, bridal showers, birthdays and more. You could fill one of our baskets with goodies for the kitchen!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm at conference!!!!

Hi Ladies!
I just took a tour of the Thirty-One office today and it was so cool! The building is AMAZING I took pictures and will upload them when I get back. We saw all the embroidery machines and the warehouse and the offices. I haven't had any training sessions yet that starts at 6pm tonite with our team meeting. I'm so excited! The next 3 days will be a blast and I can't wait to tell you all about it. I will get to see the FALL PRODUCT REVEAL on Saturday before we leave AND bring home a set of catalogs and the fall "Party to Go" kit!!!! Some of you have been wondering about the catalog transition I will send more info to you when I get back. A list will be coming out soon so check TOT for updates. Since I will have a catalog I will know what is discontinued and needs to be ordered this month if you or your customers want. If you have questions about specific products PLEASE ASK ME!!!
-julia ;0)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 me!

It's official I'm now a DIRECTOR! I'm so excited! When I started my business a little over a year ago I just wanted a bunch of cute bags "for free" and to pay for my daughters dance tuition, now I have a great team of girls to work with and have made my "hobby" into a "career"! I look forward to growing personally and professionally as I devote my time to being a "hands-on" director and helping my team-members reach their goals! And I'm even more excited to leave for our National Conference tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

A Belated Welcome to my new Downline!

Jennifer Duralja (ELIZABETHTOWN, PA) sponsored by Kendra Nagle
Wendy Cline (REEDSVILLE, PA) sponsored by Kendra Nagle
Melissa Carr (ROCKLIN, CA) sponsored by Kendra Nagle
Sarah Roberts (MECHANICSBURG, PA) sponsored by Kendra Nagle
Rachael Goetz (WEST HANOVER, PA) sponsored by Kendra Nagle
Patricia Yoder (MEYERSTOWN, PA) sponsored by Kendra Nagle
Mary Anne Walsh (FORT DODGE, IA) sponsored by Alia Pranke
Jacalyn Hughes (SICKLERVILLE, NJ) sponsored by Alicia DiFabio
Missy Gates (MECHANICSBURG, PA) sponsored by Daniela McGuire
Nora Castilla (MECHANICSBURG, PA) sponsored by Julia Slike

Wow! I think that includes everyone now that joined in June. Can't wait to see what the new kit brings when it becomes available mid-July. There are now 34 people (including myself) in my downline!

Congratulations Alicia & Daniella!

A super big congratulations to Alica and Daniela who both promoted to Sr. Consultant this month. I was so excited when Daniela called me to ask if her paycheck was correct b/c it had an extra $200 in it! It was! Since she promoted to Sr. Consultant in her first 90 days she earned the $200 start swell bonus and is now on her way to becoming a director.

I also need to give a shout out to Dotti who was ranked #7 in the "Top 20" in sales and Kendra who was a "Top 20" Dreambuilder with 7 recruits! These ranks are among the 14,000+ consultants on our entire team (from the tippy-top) so that is VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!

You ladies continue to amaze me, Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!