Friday, March 19, 2010

Bridal Show Prize Winners!

Congratulations to Jessica Doleski who won the spa gift bucket (Antique Auto Museum Bridal Show) and Kristina Hay who won the lunch tote (Holiday Inn West Bridal Show). You may pick up your prize at the love2bcreative studio in Camp Hill!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Consultant Freebie! Business Card Template

You may now download my current business card file directly from the buttons on this blog, no need to wait for me to reply to your inquiry! Use this file to order your cards from Vista Prints (that's what the file is set up for). These will automatically be updated each season so check back next time you need cards. As always, for a $15 design fee (front only) $20 (front and back) your personal information, monogram and photo can be added to your template so it is ready for printing. Printing is available for $75 for 250 cards; $100 for 500 cards and $120 for 1,000 cards. This includes FREE shipping direct to you in 5-7 business days.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wahoo! My Commission Summery... $40/hr!

Wonder how much money a "hobbyist" consultant makes? My 31 paycheck for March will be $184.36!!!!! Not too shabby in my (check)book!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I love this special because anyone who spends $50+ gets FREE shipping to their home! So you automatically save and don't have to meet up with your hostess to get your order.

These totes ROCK! If you don't have either you will want them! I wish I got them BOTH for $10!!!!!!! I do have and use both on a regular basis. The picnic tote keeps food cold a LONG time.... like 8+ hours with ice packs in it! I have our last name embroidered on mine. It's also great for taking to the grocery store. I've packed 14 items in this including a gallon of milk! I don't have to worry about things spoiling if I don't go straight home. The utility tote is great for ANYTHING. I pack it with all sorts of "crap" for any outing. It was handy at the beach for putting toys and towels in!


Our shoulder bags are GREAT for ladies on the go! I've used mine a lot this winter b/c I could wear it under my coat when I'm shopping and keep my wallet, phone, etc. close to me
since I have a habit of losing them! Nothing like checking out and realizing you left your wallet or keys somewhere in the store. I have done both! There is a zipper pocket on the front another pocket on the back and a zipper pocket and 2 other pockets on the inside!

This bag is AWESOME! It has 2 outside pockets perfect for a water bottles and 3 inside pockets and a zipper pocket inside... PLUS my favorite feater the top of the bag has a zipper so you can cram this bag FULL and zip it shut. I've used for weekend trips, a gym bag and a purse. They are great for the professional women too to take to work! For $17 it's a steal!