Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Our shoulder bags are GREAT for ladies on the go! I've used mine a lot this winter b/c I could wear it under my coat when I'm shopping and keep my wallet, phone, etc. close to me
since I have a habit of losing them! Nothing like checking out and realizing you left your wallet or keys somewhere in the store. I have done both! There is a zipper pocket on the front another pocket on the back and a zipper pocket and 2 other pockets on the inside!

This bag is AWESOME! It has 2 outside pockets perfect for a water bottles and 3 inside pockets and a zipper pocket inside... PLUS my favorite feater the top of the bag has a zipper so you can cram this bag FULL and zip it shut. I've used for weekend trips, a gym bag and a purse. They are great for the professional women too to take to work! For $17 it's a steal!

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