Monday, February 22, 2010

You just never know!

Although we have to buy our catalogs I want to stress the importance of handing them out as if they were free (for us). I have been to several open houses where customers hand them back to me and I tell them "keep it! you earned it!" and the happily take it with them. You just never know where that catalog is going to end up. They really are our BEST marketing tool. I also attend bridal shows and pass them out to EVERYONE who visits my booth. Again, you just never know who is going to LOVE thirty-one as much as I do and be your next customer, hostess or even consultant! The following email prompted me to write this post as I was very tickled to receive it:


I was wondering if you still are selling thirtyone products. I am not sure where i came across your catalog. But i would like to order a bag.


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