Monday, February 22, 2010

You just never know!

Although we have to buy our catalogs I want to stress the importance of handing them out as if they were free (for us). I have been to several open houses where customers hand them back to me and I tell them "keep it! you earned it!" and the happily take it with them. You just never know where that catalog is going to end up. They really are our BEST marketing tool. I also attend bridal shows and pass them out to EVERYONE who visits my booth. Again, you just never know who is going to LOVE thirty-one as much as I do and be your next customer, hostess or even consultant! The following email prompted me to write this post as I was very tickled to receive it:


I was wondering if you still are selling thirtyone products. I am not sure where i came across your catalog. But i would like to order a bag.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome Alicia!

I'm so excited to have my cousin Alicia join my 31 team! Want to know what made her join? Well, for Christmas I suggested my grammie get all the children & grandchildren the picnic thermal totes (which I sold her at cost.... didn't feel right to "make" money off of my own grandmothers spirit of giving) with their last name embroidered on them. To be honest, I just wanted one for myself and thought everyone else would think they were cool too! Well, my cousin started using it as a diaper bag (see you can really use any bag for any purpose, despite it's name!) and getting lots of compliments and told them "thirty-one" check it out online! I guess after SEVERAL compliments she thought "wait, maybe I should be selling these bags (which practically sell themselves)" and after receiving her husbands blessing (we all know we want that on our side) she ordered her kit and has some parties lined up and is anxious to see the path 31 leads her. I'm excited to be part of her journey and share mine with her!

To see what Alicia is up to you can find her on her entertaining blog called "welcome to my planet" or shop her thirty-one site here. And now on her own 31 blog!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Spring Business Card Template is Here!

Well the new catalog just started today and that means a new business card design! As always, my file is free for you to add your own info and print. If you would like me to send you a file complete with your personal info (and name on the boardwalk bag) they are on sale for $10 for the month of feb. (reg. $15). I can also add your head shot to the collage if you'd like to have it on there like on the fall design. Please contact me if you would like the file and I will email it to you!