Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm throwing away all the socks.... err emails!

2 years ago Sue Rusch spoke at our National Conference in Atlanta about "throwing out all the socks" in her house. Ya know she was just fed up and would rather start over than sort through all those darn socks. I can totally relate. I even bought an embroidered 2 ft tall bin that says "Sock Sack" where I put them ~ I haven't gotten to the point where I'm ready to throw away the socks (although I should) maybe it's the little rush I get when I find a pair, I dunno. But, when the $100 invoice came to renew my website that I do not use anymore (it's for my previous stationery design business) came I thought it was the perfect time to "throw away my email address" and start fresh! I just listened to a Julie Ann Jones free webinar about getting organized and setting up filters/folders on your email so you don't have to see them they go right into the appropriate folder and then you check the folders where it is all nicely sorted. So I signed up for a new yahoo address and I'm trying it out! Best off all I have NO EMAILS IN MY INBOX, wahooo!!!! I set up a "vacation response" from my current email address and sent it to  all my recipients in my mailbox which I figure should cover anyone who may or may not need to track me down in the future. At the very least if they search for me in their email they will find the email I sent with my updated contact info. I FEEL RELIEVED!!!! Now I can see what emails come in and create appropriate filters/folders as they arise. I'm no longer drowning in my in box!!!!