Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Medium Tote

This is one of my favorite totes in my favorite pattern and they have been a hot seller for me! There are 3 pockets on the outside and a zipper pocket and cell phone pouch in the inside. The organizing insert ($16.50) also fits very well in here. This bag is a perfect everyday large purse or small and stylish diaper bag!

#3053 Medium Tote - Style 14, Turquois

Monday, October 26, 2009

Embroidery Samples

So this blog is new and I will do my best to keep up with it but since it's just getting off the ground I have a BUNCH of samples I've already photographed from previous orders that I am posting here so that you can see what they look like and hopefully help you decide when you want to personalize your own order! Prices shown include charge for personalization. Shipping and sales tax not included. To place an order online go to:

# 3165 Organizing Shoulder Bag - "EKA" Style 32 "ETC" Style 31, Aqua ($44)

#3049 Hobo Purse - Style 34, Hot Pink($45)

#4030 All-in-one Organizer - Style 14, Brown ($24)

#3105 Small Utility Organizing Tote - Style 12, Seaweed ($11)
**Note: This is the OCT customer special. When you spend $31 or more (w/o personalization) you can get this tote personalized for 50% off, or only $5 plain!**

#3105 Small Utility Organizing Tote - Style 13, Limeaid (reg. $28)

#3085 Small (Thermal) Lunch Tote - Style 73, Ocean ($18.50)
**Note: Happy dot lunch totes now have an outside pocket on 1 side!)**

#3034 Picnic Thermal Tote - Style10, Brown ($32)
**Note: it is possible that embroidery color may fall on the same color in the patter making it "hidden". To avoid this select a contrasting color or a shade lighter or darker than those in the patter. For instance I would suggest "Aqua" or "Seaweed" on this pattern instead of "Turquoise" or "Limeade".**

#3034 Picnic Thermal Tote - Style70, Royal Blue ($32)
**Note: The color swatch in the catalog looks almost navy, this is a VERY bright, bold royal blue. It even looks toned down in this picture.**

#3034 Picnic Thermal Tote - Style10, Platinum ($32)

#3045 Zipper Pouch - Style 14, Aqua ($18)

#3045 Zipper Pouch - Style 14, Hot Pink ($18)

#3045 Zipper Pouch - Style 14, Limeaid ($18)

#3045 Zipper Pouch - Style 14, Brown ($18)

#3013 Mini Zipper Pouch - Style 15, Turquois ($16.00)

#3052 Bow Purse - Style 32, Kelly Green ($34)

#3052 Bow Purse - Style 31, White($34)

#3061 Sail Away Duffle Bag - Style 70, Hot Pink ($48)
**Note: The catalog says this bag it is g is 23" long, but it is only 17.5" it is closer in size to the "sail away go tote". Has a aqua polka dot lining inside. It is super cute in person! **

#3039 Cinch Sac - "Paige" Style 12, Turquois & "Lucie" Style 14, Hot Pink ($22)

#3000 Thermal Tote - Style 11, Orange ($20)

#3127 Thermal Pack and Tote - Style 11, Orange ($20.50)

#3127 Thermal Pack and Tote - Style 14, Hot Pink + Pink Medallion Icon ($26.50)

#3094 Kids Apron - Style 14, Limeaid + Monkey Icon ($38)

#3094 Kids Apron - Style 14, Brown ($32)

#3069 Adult Apron - Style 14, Red ($30)

#3094 Kids Apron - Style 14, Brown ($32)
I wanted to show you some perspective on size. Lexie is 3.5 and this is the "Kids" apron on her. The "Toddler" one fits her perfectly. This is certainly for older children, in fact it even fits ME, just doesn't cover my hips.

Something for boys!

There may seem like it's mostly "girly" stuff but there are a few items appropriate for boys ... A woman bought these for her grandsons for Christmas when I suggested filling them with matchbox cars as a gift! I think they would also be cute to fill with paint brushes & paint and an matching apron!

#3083 Small Personality Bucket - Style 10, Brown ($20)

Drink coaster great for gift ideas!

If you have wondered what the coasters are like, they are NICE! I took a photo to show you how thick they are. They are like an unglazed ceramic tile. Personalization is not extra for these and they come in a set of 2 (for $12.50) inside an organza pull-string bag. They make a unique wedding or shower gift!

This coaster you can even pick the style font you want!

Consultants, some of them let you choose a style when you order in your back office. The choices below will be what you will see which there are not samples of anywhere. The home office gave me this reference when I asked.
BLOCK – 10 or 70
CASUAL – similar to style 13
CURLZ – style 12
FUN DOTS – style 15
BASIC – similar to block just not as thick. More just like normal writing.
WHIMSICAL – style 14

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the News!

My Sail Away Go Tote (which I LOOOOVE) was featured in a "Bridesmaid Gift Guide" in the Fall 2009 Wedding Style Magazine by the Patriot News! Many of the Thirty-One products make GREAT personalized gifts for bridesmaids.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Orders are in!

Today I came home (aka work) after the long weekend away to a huge stack of 31 boxes (yippie!!!). The little one on top is a paper order for my day job. It's like Christmas every time a party order comes in and I get to sift through all the goodies and sort them for my hostesses. It can be overwhelming for ME to do this, so I always have my hostesses orders come to me so they don't have to figure out who got what. And with every order I include a Custom Rewards Punch Card. For every $10 my customers spend they earn a punch. After 10 punches they get $10 off their next Thirty-one order! I also like to take pictures of the personalized items to show you what they look like! I hope you enjoy reading this blog and what's new at Thirty-One gifts!