Monday, October 26, 2009

Drink coaster great for gift ideas!

If you have wondered what the coasters are like, they are NICE! I took a photo to show you how thick they are. They are like an unglazed ceramic tile. Personalization is not extra for these and they come in a set of 2 (for $12.50) inside an organza pull-string bag. They make a unique wedding or shower gift!

This coaster you can even pick the style font you want!

Consultants, some of them let you choose a style when you order in your back office. The choices below will be what you will see which there are not samples of anywhere. The home office gave me this reference when I asked.
BLOCK – 10 or 70
CASUAL – similar to style 13
CURLZ – style 12
FUN DOTS – style 15
BASIC – similar to block just not as thick. More just like normal writing.
WHIMSICAL – style 14

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