Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Orders are in!

Today I came home (aka work) after the long weekend away to a huge stack of 31 boxes (yippie!!!). The little one on top is a paper order for my day job. It's like Christmas every time a party order comes in and I get to sift through all the goodies and sort them for my hostesses. It can be overwhelming for ME to do this, so I always have my hostesses orders come to me so they don't have to figure out who got what. And with every order I include a Custom Rewards Punch Card. For every $10 my customers spend they earn a punch. After 10 punches they get $10 off their next Thirty-one order! I also like to take pictures of the personalized items to show you what they look like! I hope you enjoy reading this blog and what's new at Thirty-One gifts!

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