Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I love this special because anyone who spends $50+ gets FREE shipping to their home! So you automatically save and don't have to meet up with your hostess to get your order.

These totes ROCK! If you don't have either you will want them! I wish I got them BOTH for $10!!!!!!! I do have and use both on a regular basis. The picnic tote keeps food cold a LONG time.... like 8+ hours with ice packs in it! I have our last name embroidered on mine. It's also great for taking to the grocery store. I've packed 14 items in this including a gallon of milk! I don't have to worry about things spoiling if I don't go straight home. The utility tote is great for ANYTHING. I pack it with all sorts of "crap" for any outing. It was handy at the beach for putting toys and towels in!

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