Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vault Denim in the house!!!

So I'm hosting a Vault Denim Party tomorrow eve 6-8 at my studio -- and in true Julia Fashion (no pun intended) I decided why not also be the consultant and make some extra cash while I'm at it.... hmmmm, this is sounding familiar. Anyway, I got to meet my SUPER NICE and super helpful sponsor & RC Stacy Clancy today as she loaned me the inventory. I had 5 tubs of jeans to unload and dive into. I was SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!
{These are my 3 favorites.... the one's I'm hoping to get FREE at my party!!!}

{So here is my attempt at trying to take self portraits in my mirror to show you some of the jeans.}

{nice but shot, huh!}

{These are too long but when I roll them up I think they look super-cute! Cindy had a pair of Capris on at National Conference rolled up like this -- Please excuse my "pooch" b/c I am working on getting rid of it.}

{See they aren't all "blingy"}

{To Bling or Not to Bling!? }

For more info please visit Vault Denim

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