Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Cute Camera Strap!

When I got my beloved Nikon D5100 I seached all over etsy.com for the perfect camera strap. There are a LOT of people who make them and well worth the $25 if you ask me! I am a firm believer in supporting other business women and their talents. I only found 2 sellers that had lens cap pockets on their straps and I liked the simplicity of this black & white fabric. The sample showed red with black stitching and I asked the seller if she could do hot pink "soft" side with hot pink stitching... ya know cause I'm addicted to 31 (colors)! Plus I needed it fast, in time for my National Conf. and guess what it came super fast just the way I asked! Check out Misty Days Boutique her stuff is REALLY cute!!! One thing to note. The lens cap falls out of the strap when you lift it to shoot, so I need to put some velco on it a much easier fix than my friend Stephanie Joseph who's cute "Sassy Sista" strap pocket is too small for her cap and it doesn't even fit in.

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