Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To UGG or not to UGG?

So this winter I was trying to decide to "UGG" or not... They were going to be a necessity when we thought we were buying a house that had 22+ feet of snow last year, but the move fell through and thus I couldn't justify spending $225 for the pair I really wanted! I settled for a pair of sketchers that were about $15 on sale and I really do like them! But I had a bunch of Gap Rewards cards I had to redeem --- I put the charges for my Thirty-One Parties on it for the people who pay me with cash/checks --- that were expiring today and I just so happened to have enough to get this pair of Uggs for FREE!!!!!!!! I got them at Athleta. I usually use my rewards at Piperlime but they don't sell them there. I am also hoping that by the time I get to wear them I feel as relaxed as this gal looks. Will my Uggs lead me to my place of Zen?


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