Monday, May 9, 2011

A FREE 2nd Honeymoon!

I was on pins and needles last thursday until I finally found out where we were going for my ALL EXPENSE PAID leadership retreat.... and then my bubble burst! It's the Moon Palace, the EXACT same resort we spent our honeymoon at 10.5 years ago!!!! I had finally gotten Tim to agree to go with me (he's not a tropical vacation kind of guy... my nick name for him is "arctic boy") and then we find out it's were we went for HM and really weren't planning on going back to for various reasons. I won't go into them b/c I appreciate the generosity Thirty-one has extended to us. So I shall look at it as a blessing.... I get to TAKE MY HUSBAND ON A 2ND HONEYMOON 2 weeks before our 11th anniversary and let him find out THERE ARE ABOUT 1,000 OTHER LADIES OUT THERE AS THIRTY-ONE OBSESSED as myself!!!!!!
Not only did I meet the goal for taking a guest with me I will have EXCEEDED it!!! So much better than a "desk job" when you work your tail off YOU GET REWARDED!!!!

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