Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome New Recruits!!!

Wow! The numbers keep rising. My team goal is to reach 100 in my downline before Christmas! I think it's modest but at the same time will nearly double the size of my current team. That's .19 recruits per month per person. If EVERYONE has just 1 recruit per month for the next 4 months that would be 228 new recruits! I think this will prompt my own personal team recruiting challenge.... stay tuned!

My Team Welcomed...
Heather Ludwig (APPLETON, WI) 08.26 sponsor - Julie Henderson*
Jacqueline D'Angelis (MOUNT ROYAL, NJ) 08.31 sponsor - Mary Costa*
Kathryn Udit (HARRISBURG, PA) 08.27 sponsor - Danielle Lambert**
Sebrina Dwyer (MERRITT ISLAND, FL) 08.25 sponsor - Julia Slike
*1st recruit yeah Julie and Mary, Congratulations!
**Way to go Danielle you are on your way to Sr. Consultant!

Kendra's Team Welcomed...
Julianna Ryan (APPLETON, WI) 09.01 sponsor - Lorrie Knickerbocker
Brittney Ah-Yun (SACRAMENTO, CA) 08.31 sponsor - Melissa Carr
Amanda Smith (MYERSTOWN, PA) 09.01 sponsor - Kendra Nagle

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