Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Downline hits the BIG 5-0!

I love checking my downline and seeing who's new! And today was exciting because "I just turned 50!" I'm also super excited Danielle just got her FIRST recruit and Dotti got 2 more and is quickly on her way to leadership!
Jennifer Vokoun (HAMPDEN TWP, PA) 08.16 sponsor - Danielle Lambert
Deborah Moore (BOYERTOWN, PA) 08.15 sponsor - Dotti Dilger
Connie Hobbs (HARRISBURG, PA) 08.03 sponsor - Julia Slike
Alison Pye (FARMINGTON, MN) 08.03 sponsor - Alia Pranke
Lacie Sadera (JOPPA, MD) 08.01 sponsor - Julia Slike
Donna O'Shea (BOYERTOWN, PA) 07.13 sponsor - Dotti Dilger

Kendra's Team is quickly growing, she welcomed....
Alyssa Norris (ORANGEVALE, CA) 08.12 sponsor - Melissa Carr
Brenda Plath (LODI, CA) 08.07 sponsor - Melissa Carr
Missy Ross (COLUMBIA, PA) 07.31 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Melissa Eby (MOUNTVILLE, PA) 07.31 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Cecilya Glover (MOUNTVILLE, PA) 07.31 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Lorrie Knickerbocker (MECH., PA) 07.31 sponsor - Lauren Pierce
Jamee Davis (ANDERSONVILLE, TN) 07.31 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
Wendy Cline (REEDSVILLE, PA) 06.18 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
P.S. way to go Meghan....3 in one day!

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