Monday, August 9, 2010

Skirt Purses... What's the Difference?

A lot! I personally just couldn't fit what I need to in the "old" skirt purse so I was elated to see the City Skirt Purse launched! They both have interchanging "skirts" which means you purchase the "base" in brown or black along with your choice of 1 skirt. Additional skirts can be purchased to change the look of your purse w/o having to actually switch the contents inside! Our catalogs come out every 6 months with new skirt patterns so you can always update your look for the season.
The City Skirt Purse is much larger as you can see in the photos I took. It also has a FLAT bottom that measures 5"x13". The Skirt Purse is about 3.5"x14" across the bottom but is soft and does not have a plastic insert that defines the bottom. They both have a zippered interior pocket and cell phone pocket (no zipper), both have a magnetic enclosure. The Skirt Purse closes against itself at the top like a book, the City Skirt Purse has a 3" extender so the top of the purse is slightly open when "closed".

Both purses have 4 hooks on each side that the skirts slip onto. The Skirt Purse has snaps that open so you can easily get to the hooks. The snaps on the City Skirt Purse don't open but you can roll the top up to get underneath to the hooks.
Skirt Purse $42; Skirts $15 Shown in Brown with Pixie Pink Medallion
City Skirt Purse $59; Skirts $20 Shown in Black with Onyx Blossom
To Purchase either purse CLICK HERE.
To see more product details see the shopping guide on page 39.

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  1. I am also in LOVE with the new one! The only "...but..." that I ever heard about our existing Skirt Purse was that it was too small for everything they needed. This solves everything!