Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome New Recruits - Oct!

Well, my downline is now up to 82! It is looking like my goal of 100 by Christmas is very possible and I will be so excited to reach or exceed it. I will have a special gift for the 100th consultant to join my downline before December 25th. WILL IT BE YOU?

My Team Welcomed...
Kim Mangum (LONGWOOD, FL) 10.28 sponsor - Sebrina Dwyer*
Leann Hatting (LE MARS, IA) 10.20 sponsor - Sherri Kraus*
Marjorie Hoganson (PARK RAPIDS, MN) 10.18 sponsor -
   Jennifer Blanchette-Hammers*

Sherri Kraus (LE MARS, IA) 10.17 sponsor - Carol Doll*
Krystle Tuma (BROOKLYN PARK, MN) 10.15 sponsor - Julie Henderson  
Jennifer Mignano (FRANKLINVILLE, NJ) 10.15 sponsor - Dotti Dilger
Desiree Le Beau (MECHANICSBURG, PA) 10.02 sponsor - Danielle Lambert
 *1st recruit, Congratulations!

Kendra's Team Welcomed...

Kristin Boudreaux (OPELOUSAS, LA) 10.22 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
Jennifer Wilkinson (ELIZABETHTOWN, PA) 10.11 sponsor - Meghan Furnia
Janice Justice (CEDAR BLUFF, VA) 10.05 sponsor - Kendra Nagle
Irina Wilkinson (ELIZABETHTOWN, PA) 10.16sponsor - Jennifer Wilkinson*
*1st recruit, Congratulations!

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