Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some of my new favorites!

Retro Metro Bag $52 - Available in "Green Ditzy" & "Mod Dot"
Coin Purse $10 - Available in "Green Ditzy", "Mod Dot", "Paparazzi Dot" & "Peony Bloom"

Square Utility Tote $24.50 - Available in "Navy Breeze", "Happy Dot", "Paparazzi Dot", "Counting" & "Organic Flower"

Toddler Backpack $34 - Available in "Criss Cross", "Floral Ditzy" and "Counting"
Has a spot to put photo in the front pocket. I like this better than embroidering a childs first name on back pack. Ever since Kate Gosslin mentioned she covers up her kids names when in public so people can't say "Hey Lexie" and then they think a strange knows them. I had a back pack made with just our last name so it's personlized (but not so personal) and me and my daughter can both use it and her sister if she ever has one!

Fitted Skirt $15 - Available in "Pixie Pink Medallion", "Black Petals & Stems", "Red w/ Tan Roses", "Black & White Swirl", "Hampton in Taupe", "Hampton in Black", "Earl Grey Blossom", "Mod Dot".

Boardwalk Bag $39.50 - Available in "Peony Bloom", "Newport Bloom", ""Paparazzi Dot"

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