Monday, January 3, 2011

National Conference I can't wait!!!!!!!

I am so excited for conference this year. Honestly, it is just so fun and exciting and inspiring I have been thinking about it ever since I left this July. What can I say I'm, "addicted to Thirty-One". As a newbie last year I didn't know what to expect. As a director this year I am really looking forward to all the training, awards banquet and getting tips & ideas from other consultants. And getting to know my roomie Alia, my DIQ in Minnesota who is growing a fabulous team there! If you haven't registered yet YOU SHOULD just click here. If you register by 2/28 you even get the exclusive Conference Rolling Tote!!!!!! Can't wait to pack mine! I registered for Group #6 on the tours, 9:15. Gonna stock up at the HO store for exclusive thirty-one goodies for my girls!!!!

The fee for this is 4 day event is only$250, which you can pay for in "conference bucks" you earn or spend at the thirty-one store there.Travel accommodations are at your own expense. I spent about $700 total last year... charged it all and when I got back my paycheck paid for every dime! That was for gas, hotel, food, mixed drinks, registration and my home office store splurge. WORTH EVERY PENNY! My personal volume exploded after convention and it lit a fire under my butt! If you are motivated and want to go to the next level or not sure how to get to the next level this will take you there!

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