Monday, June 7, 2010

Embroidery Samples

I hope you enjoy checking out some of the personalized items customers have ordered from me! I will get better at uploading each party as they come in! Stay tuned cause I have a HUGE party order coming in tomorrow!
#3000 Personalized Aqua Ditzy Thermal Tote ($20) "Amelia" Style 13, hot pink

#3000 Personalized Pinkdot Flower Thermal Tote ($20) "Eden" Style 12, lime green.

#3000 Personalized Black Thermal Tote ($20) "EPN" Style 10,"Tara's" Style 13, Platinum

How great our our lunch totes when you need to give someone a thoughtful thank you gift!?
Even better you can fill them with goodies to make ice cream sundaes (ice cream will keep cold too) or go to a discount store and fill with spa goodies (candles, bath salts, nail polish etc) I had these made to thank a wedding planner and bridal shop who referred brides to my love2bcreative business for wedding stationery. Not only is it functional but when they use it it is marketing for their business! And who knows maybe someone will ask them... where did you get that?

#3085 Personalized Flutter-By Small Lunch Tote ($18.50) "B" Style 33s, Brown
Note: The "B" in this font does not stitch well over the very center and you can see the fabric through it. I had another item with the same "B" and same issue. You can see it slightly in this photo.
#3085 Personalized Flutter-By Small Lunch Tote ($18.50) "KFL" Style 33s, Powder Blue

#3163 Personalized Jewelry Roll With Pouches ($26) "Silpada", Style 10, hot pink
This isn't a great photo but this pouch is REALLY COOL with hot pink embroidery. I just ordered one for myself so I have a place for my jewelry when I travel or go to the gym. My friend Heidy sells Silpada and bought this for a hostess gift!

#3064 Personalized Navy Storage Tote ($34.50) "M", Style 72, red
If you don't own one of these you should! They are so darn roomy and have a wipeable vinyl lining so you can put wet things in them. I like to take one with me when I'm doing errands I can fit a LOT of stuff in there and don't take home any plastic bags I'll later need to remember to take back to recycle! I've also used it to buy future gifts for my daughter that she sees when we are shopping and then I don't have to make a separate trip to the store. She never knows I grabbed it and put it in the bag.

#3060 Personalized Multi Dot Pleated Top Beach Tote ($48) "A", Style 10s, brown

#3013 Personalized Mini Zipper Pouch ($16) I'm not going to detail all these so if you have questions just ask me! February Customer Special was $1 embroidery so I stocked up on these cute little gifts for only $11 each!

#3034 Personalized Black Picnic Thermal Tote ($32.50) "Johnston" Style 13, Platinum
The great thing about being a 31 consultant is you ALWAYS have access to great personalized gifts at a discount!!! I ordered this Wedding Gift for a client (who just got married yesterday) that I had the joy to work with designing their wedding invitations, bookmarks, cocktail napkins and escort cards for their wedding.
#3034 Personalized Newport Bloom Picnic Thermal Tote ($32.50) "Burke's Brew" Style 31, Hot Pink

#3165 Personalized Papparazzi Dot Organizing Shoulder Bag ($44) "DSM", Style 32, hot pink

How fun is this bag!? I just love the hot pink thread on the black/white patterns. Here is the inside of the bag see how fun it is too?

#3165 Personalized Hampton in Taupe Organizing Shoulder Bag ($44) "AAC", Style 33, brown

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  1. I can't wait till I get my Nikon SLR and can post some awesome product pix... maybe I can buy it after I get my director bonus!?