Monday, December 30, 2013

Let me show you my Pikle!

Several years ago when I had a "desk job" my co-worker would ask me if I had a ____ in my purse and often I could satisfy her request. I said I was a "mom in training"! But then I became a mom and I became a disorganized mess. Well not anymore! The Pikle to the rescue. Apparently these have been around for a few years but just launched into a direct sales opportunity in Oct. (I somehow manage to stumble on these things in their infancy) and I just knew I had to have one.... we'll I didn't think one would be enough so I got 2. I'm not sure what I am going to stock in the 2nd one yet maybe jewelry & make-up I wear often? But here is a detailed look at what you get with a starter pak.

Everything is super handy and quick to access.
The Pikle start pak comes with an instruction guide and everything you need to begin stocking your pikle!
Pocket 1
(antibacterial wipes) 
woah! My phone fits in there (sans tissues) that is pretty cool.... cause I am ALWAYS loosing my phone in one of my purse pockets or at the bottom of my purse!
 Pocket 2
(mirror with floss & band aides)
Pocket 3
(nail files, nail clippers & tweezers)

 Pocket 4
(sewing kit, tape measure, scissors & safety pins)

  Pocket 5
(mini screwdrivers)
  Pocket 6
(pen & paper)
Pocket 7

 Pocket 8
(hair bands, bobby pins & rubber bands)

instant stain remover pen & antibacterial hand spray
(and I don't go anywhere without one of my thirty-one custom made pens)

I wanted to see if all my Pikle paraphernalia would fit inside of one of my Thirty-One mini zipper pouches which is smaller than the Pikle clutch and it does! The only disadvantage is you have to pull it all out instead of just "flipping" through the pockets.

I ordered my Pickles from Independent Representatives
who were both great to work with! If you tell Julie I referred you she will hook me up with some free stuff ;-)
We traded product for product, thus I got my Pikles at a DISCOUNT and resisted the extreme urge to purchase an 8th starter kit... yes, that is how many "kits" I have purchased in my lifetime, but only ONE turned into a business!!!! So I will keep my Pikle tucked inside my favorite Thirty-one bag!

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