Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thirty-One's Super Cinch Sac vs. Retro Metro Weekender

One of my customers told me this is the perfect camping because she can put for each family member in their own bag. Then I saw someone put a picture on FB with sleepover gear and I thought what a great idea (says the mom of a daughter). Not all my customers camp, but certainly they all have a child that sleeps over... or dirty laundry! 

So I put it to the test:
√ sleeping bag
√ pillow
√ blanket
√ "Mr. Fluffy Pants"
Depending on your "sleeping gear" you should have room for a change of clothes and some jammie's. And if not one of our handy Cinch Sac. Toiletries and at the very least some clean undies can go in the roomy zipper pocket on the bag. Prior to the introduction of our Super Cinch Sac our largest bag was the Retro Metro weekender which retails for nearly twice the price and half the size! 

We offer colors tailored for both girls and boys. I just happen to have the plum on as one of my FREEBIES...same as the duffle bag, didn't pay for that either! I'm not joking when I say, Cute Bags For Free!

There are plenty other uses you can find for this roomy tote which has a shoulder strap you can't see in the photo.
√ laundry bag
√ ball bag
√ wreath storage
√ traveling toy bin

If you have a great idea, I'd love to hear it, please comment below!

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